We are very pleased and humbled to announce a very generous grant from ChariTree Foundation, an environmental education cause and registered Canadian charity. Their goal is to help children understand their place in nature and how each person can help renew the health of our planet by planting trees.

This is the largest donation our organization has received to this date, and will allow our students to participate in the national #GreenLegacy program in Ethiopia. Our young people will safely travel to the surrounding countryside during the rainy season over the next 2 years to plant trees, a field trip most of them can scarcely dream of now. They may even be planting the grounds for their own new school facility on land that has been donated by the government. Imagine: being a teacher and standing under a tree that you tell your students you planted when you were their age!

We encourage you to visit ChariTree’s website to support the good work they do around the world. They have certainly blessed us with a great start to 2021 and a mission to renew our planet for years to come. Thank you ChariTree!