New York, NY–January 12, 2011–This past August, chiropractor and Friends of Fresh and Green board member, Dr. Gregg Rubinstein made his second trip to the school.  On this trip he was able to adjust all the students, some of their mothers, the staff,  and even some of the neighbors.  Everyone was very open to the idea of improving their health naturally even though they had never heard of chiropractic care before.  (There are only three chiropractors in all of Ethiopia.) Through an interpreter, Dr. Gregg was able to gain the trust of everyone quite quickly.  He even walked a great distance to adjust one of the student’s mothers who had been sick in bed for months.

“Being able to share my expertise and skill to help so many people was such an amazing and rewarding experience,” says Dr. Gregg. “I look forward to future visits to the Academy and working with our students and their loved ones to promote wellness.”

Dr. Gregg has a successful chiropractic practice in mid-town Manhattan. Read more about his experience through the “Friends of Fresh and Green Blog.”