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If you are going to be a Founder ($25,000) or Builder ($10,000) we suggest you contact our President at and we can discuss money or equity transfer. We will thereby redirect the 4 percent fee that our excellent but expensive charity platform charges towards building the school instead.

For such large donations, we ask only that you agree to our pledge form. It is a non-binding agreement contingent upon achieving the threshold of funds estimated to complete the construction project.

Donate Now to The Fund

We are collecting only pledges for the Building campaign at this time. Payment for the pledges is due when we reach 80% of the $500,000 target (i.e. $400,000) on or before June 30th, 2023.

So you can fill out a pledge form for ANY amount, and when we reach those conditions, we will contact you about the best way to send the money to our charity and get your tax receipt.

Thank you for being part of our future!


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