School Founder

A Calling

Her Story

Muday was born an only child in Kasanchis, Addis Ababa. She was enrolled in a private school from kindergarten and continued there until the sixth grade, after which she enrolled in government school at Gerji. She has been a member of the Baha’i religion from the age of nine and started teaching children at the Baha’i center when she was fifteen.

Muday started her secondary education at Bole Medaham then joined a teachers college; B.G.K. in 1999 for a diploma in teaching and later pursued Business Management at City College.

Muday’s teaching and business training, as well as her experience teaching at the Baha’i center, motivated her to open her own learning institution. She started Fresh and Green as a “for profit” kindergarten in 2000 with a business partner. When she started to bring in kids off the streets, free of charge, the school lost money. Muday soon partnered with Friends of Fresh and Green Academy and, with hard work, dedication, and help from many generous donors, the school has since become a beacon of hope for the community.

Today, with help from many people, Fresh and Green Academy is providing over 250 in-need children with education and nutrition. Along with the government required curriculum, the students enjoy classes in Art, Music, English, Computers, and Values and Morals. The children and their families are now drinking clean water as well.

The school is not an orphanage, but over time, some children are orphaned through death of a caregiver or abandonment. Muday and her husband, a geologist, have adopted 20 children into their family.

Muday is a friend, wife, mother, and visionary. Her passion has become our passion and Muday’s dream has become our dream. Together we all can make a difference in the world.