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We are volunteers. All of us. And we would like to welcome you into our family. We share a lot of laughs, a good bit of work and accomplish what it takes to raise money to keep 625 kids in school in Ethiopia.

Please have a look at opportunities here →

You can just as easily put a smile on your own face as you can one of our kid’s.


Volunteer Opportunities
Travel to Ethiopia

Come as a tourist, leave as a Friend of Fresh and Green Academy. We are planning a trip to the school in late October 2019. Please contact for details and planning.

Come to an Event

We are always looking for keen people to join us in our booths at cultural and fundraising events. No skills required! Next up is Toronto Enkutatash/Ethiopian New Year celebration at Christie Pits September 07, 2019. Please email if you are interested.

Become Our Webmaster

This humble website was made by a total amateur and needs some expert help. Created in WordPress using Divi themes – if you speak the language, please speak to and cure his biggest headache!!

Start a Fundraiser of your own

From dedicating your birthday on Facebook to hosting your own scarf sale or community get-together, we will help you put it together. Contact to start the ball rolling


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