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Lion-hearted Girl Buys Cow for School

Our young patron and her little sister helping sell Mothers Coop crafts in 2018Meet Daisy the Cow!All of these thanks to our generous donorsAs a 100% volunteer organization, how much do we appreciate people who give their time, energy and enthusiasm to help kids in...

Fresh & Green Plants ChariTrees

Some of the students who participated in tree-planting.Our school director, Mrs. Muday, has always cultivated a green environment for learning.These students will be able to watch their seedlings grow into useful trees!...after a job well done.Early in July, at the...

ChariTree Foundation Grant

ChariTree Foundation Grant

We are very pleased and humbled to announce a very generous grant from ChariTree Foundation, an environmental education cause and registered Canadian charity. Their goal is to help children understand their place in nature and how each person can help renew the health...

New Uniforms

New Uniforms

It was a happy and proud day this week when the uniforms arrived for our kindergarten classes. These are most of our children's most-worn clothes until they grow out of them! Paying for the uniforms was just one of the many challenges to get classes up and running...

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