Never too young to Volunteer

Our young patron and her little sister helping sell Mothers Coop crafts in 2018

A cow named by her donor

Meet Daisy the Cow!

Part of Muday's Dairy Herd

All of these thanks to our generous donors

As a 100% volunteer organization, how much do we appreciate people who give their time, energy and enthusiasm to help kids in Ethiopia get the education they deserve? And when that volunteer has just raised enough money to buy a cow to help feed those students? At the age of 11? All on her own?


Young Leila has been supporting Canadian Friends of Fresh and Green Academy since 2018, when she volunteered at our booth at the Buy Good Feel Good craft show in Toronto, and has followed up each year at the Enkutatash celebration in Toronto to promote the school and the beautiful crafts made by our Mothers Cooperative in Addis Ababa.

This year she decided to take on the Challenge of our #GivingTuesday campaign and raise enough money to buy a cow to help feed our students in the face of hyperinflation in Ethiopia.

And she’s done it! The funds are on their way to the school director, Muday, and we will be able to add one cow to our modest herd of dairy cattle that helps us meet the nutritional requirements of getting 650 children ready to learn their way out of poverty. And something we can all take away from Muday’s lesson: when food gets expensive to buy, MAKE YOUR OWN FOOD. The Mothers Cooperative at the school grows or makes their own vegetables, injera, bread and milk!

Now we are going to dedicate a fundraising campaign to all of our volunteers in April, to celebrate the example that Leila has set for us all.